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We are a high-quality, small-quantity Helsinki publisher, concentrating in books within the fields of political science, international relations and personal health. East-West Books Helsinki has production of its own in English and Finnish, but also publishes original manuscripts of highly qualified international authors, as well as translates published English, Swedish and German original manuscripts to Finnish.


Kiinalainen ravinto-oppi – Tavallisimpien ruoka-aineiden vaikutus hyvinvointiimme

• Peter Torssell
• ISBN 9789529959280
• 240 pages
• 65 € plus postage

Oletko huomannut, että appelsiini auttaa käheyteen? Tai että munakoiso poistaa ympäristömyrkkyjä? Tilli edistää äidinmaidon tuotantoa. Vesimeloni poistaa levottomuutta hellepäivänä. Vadelma hoitaa vuoteenkastelua. Kiinalaisen ajattelun mukaan jää- ja ruokakaappimme ovat varsinaisia luonnonmukaisen hoidon aarreaittoja. Kuuluisimman pohjoismaisen akupunktikkomme Peter Torssellin hakuteos sisältää myös yleistajuisen johdatukseen kiinalaisen lääketieteen ravinto-oppiin. Read more



Nations and their others – Hungary and Finland in comparison

• Heino Nyyssönen and Mari Vares (eds.)
• ISBN 978-952-99592-9-7
• 200 pages
• 65 €

The question of nations and their others, “us” and “them”, has raised the issue in present day European Union. This compilation deals with Finland and Hungary, two small countries, frequently mentioned in the literature on nationalism but not systematically compared. What kind of results and parallels can we find, when we compare these two to each other and not to their traditional frames i.e. the Nordic countries and the Eastern Bloc? . Read more


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